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This photo was taken in 1934 at the Herbert G. Haynes logging camp near the Salmon Stream deadwaters in Winn, ME. 

 Left to right: Joseph Clukey, Herbert G. Haynes and Herbert C. Haynes. 

Herbert C. Haynes began working in the Maine woods when he was young, helping his father with the family's logging and trucking business. Although he didn't have a formal education in forestry, he knew how to cruise timber and put crews to work harvesting the wood. 

 At the age of 15, he began loading trucks by hand, then driving the load to market. When he started working in the woods, horses provided the power to skid the logs. In the 1960s, skidders changed the way the wood was moved.

Company Founder

 Herbert C. Haynes

In 1963, he formed H.C. Haynes Inc. The company operates from an office in Winn, Maine, employing many people in various locations in New England and Canada.

 Although Herb has passed away, his family still operates the business. Son Jay is the company's president. Daughter Ginger Maxwell and her sister Barbara French work in the office. Jay's son Brady works as a forester.

 H.C. Haynes, Inc., A major landowner in the State of Maine, hires independent subcontractors to harvest wood on both public and private landowners as well as its own company lands. H.C. Haynes, Inc. also maintains a fleet of logging trucks.

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